THE LINE - A tranformative collaborative drawing project on Instagram



a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.'

The idea is to create a long chain of collaborative drawings with other established artists. Each posted drawing shall be a response to the previously posted drawing. Pictures will be posted on Instagram. Under #the_line_drawing_project.
The rules are:
Use the previous drawing as an inspiration. 1. Copy/take over/repeat one element of the previous drawing. 2. Create something new with it. 
Send an email to if you're interested in participating in the collaboration. 
1. When I copy one element does it need to be an exact copy or can it be a free interpretation?
 It does not need to be an exact copy, but the copied element should be recognizable.
2. Can it be a collage or should it be drawn completely?
It can be a collage, but there should be some drawing integrated.
3. Is there a certain time frame? 
The sooner the better. The maximum should be one week per artists. Otherwise the whole project is on hold. 
4. Is there a certain size?
The size is up to you. There will only be a photo of the work posted on Instagram. 
5. Copyright?
All rights reserved for the participating artists.